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"Lola had a rough first few days of preschool. (As did her mom!) I will never forget dropping her off and having her sobbing asking me not to leave her! The teachers were compassionate and encouraging to her and although it was difficult for me to leave her, I knew that she was in the best hands possible. After a few weeks, Lola could not get to preschool fast enough. I attribute all of her confidence to the teachers at RPC. The staff was so calming and nurturing to her that first year. She started coming out of her shell socially and with the help of all of the RPC teachers, Lola has become a super happy, focused and creative little girl!"


Our teachers are committed to providing a quality program for young children. It's our belief that effective service to your child must encompass the entire family. We make home visits, phone calls, write a weekly newsletter and hold parent/teacher conferences. The staff is qualified, certified, enthusiastic and totally dedicated to the wellbeing of each and every child. Our full-time staff consists of two teachers, a director who is involved in the daily teaching of the children and one teacher's aide. The children meet in an assigned classroom. Each day every child has an opportunity to work with each of the teachers, thus benefiting from the cooperative experience and style of all the staff.